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an ancient character artist  “天 遊 TEN-YOU “

Feb Independent!

  • Ancient Characters are primary source of our inspiration to draw these calligraphy art.  Started“TEN-YOU-GUMI” CalligraphyArt Group at Buddhist temple.
  • TEN-YOU has successfully organized an exhibition at Japanese Embassy of New Zealand.

2008 During one month, Ten-you First exhibition at Tokyo. And more exhibition.
“Dragon(WATER GOD) exhibition & live writing” The rock garden in temple(Tokyo) in outdoor exhibition.

  • Designers art market at Tokyo midtown in Roppongi.

2009 Feb.

  • Second exhibition/ talkshow with Mr.katsumi ASABA (best famuse Art-desiner)
  • Japan-Belgium Letter Arts Exhibition at Yokohama (BankART StudioNYK)

On stage at Yoyogi Park, I wrote a big calligraphy banner for the event of “Peace Hiroshima”

After the earthquake of 3.11, followed by overseas exhibition. New York and Tours, France.

World-famous popular fashion blogger, Garance Doré come for coverage TEN-YOU from NY.
The workshop movie and article were uploaded in her blog..
Inquiries come from many countries.

I met many Japanese traditional craftsmen and learned their mind

The Solo Exhibition at the Tokyo American Club B1F Frederick Harris Gallery
-TEN-YOU met Traditional Craftsmen-

Winning prize case choice history

  • 2009 Aug  Japan-Belgium Letter Arts Exhibition
  • 2010 0ct   Finearts exposition internationale d’art.( salon de mai,Paris)

The exhibition of overseas

  • 2007 Japanese Embassy of New Zealand.
  • 2009 The France army sponsorship Printemps des poètes at Touraine.
  • 2010 Spain, Barcelona,  France,  Japanese Embassy of Denmark.
  • 2011 New York [Japan Day@ Central Park] Official guest artist ,
    Tours, France [XX art.] Invited artists , and more…
  • 2012 Tours, France [YAMATO le Japon en Touraine] Invited artists.
  • 2013 The Exhibition in Burk Ray University of San Francisco America and more…
    ART Event Support Assistance to Affected Areas.

About Ancient Chinese Characters
Ancient Chinese Characters refers to those characters found on turtle shells, bones or bronze inscriptions from the time of “Yin” or “Shang” dynasty(17th BC – 11th BC), one of the oldest Chinese in the historical record. “Shang writing” is directory ancestral to the modern Chinese script. Turtle Shells and bones are often used in order to record the oracle between God and King.
Those ancient characters were sacred and contained a lot of special meanings.
It was a time when heaven and earth met through the ladder of oracle between God and King. Ancient people were showing much reverence and thankfulness to the nature and lived in it with harmony, accepting both life and death as natural cycle.
It is remarkable to know that there are only 3,000 characters initially that are the root of most of the contemporary Chinese characters, which currently exist around 50,000. As for Japanese people, it is fascinating to find out original meaning of one’s name that has been derived from these characters.

About Artist TEN-YOU
Ancient Characters are primary source of our inspiration to draw these calligraphy art.
She started “TEN-YOU-GUMI” Calligraphy Art Group at quiet Buddhist temple where her home ground.
She plays an active part abroad. In her workshop, many foreigners visit recently.
Her passion is to wake up the “sleeping potential” of human talents or gene that is normally hidden, by connecting the minds and soul of person deeply to the essence of all being.
Calligraphy Art is a vehicle to achieve this ambition for her.
It is working by media, such as TV, CM and FM radio station in TOKYO.
It tells in voice and tells with a work. For TEN-YOU, it is the both common world.

Belgium letter arts contest. Won a prize.
Salon de Paris contest in France. Won a prize.